We are looking forward to experiencing the sex industry virtual reality technology

We are looking forward to experiencing the sex industry virtual reality technology Future of Erotic Art, think about the people excited. With VR (virtual reality) technology matures, we might immersed in an interactive three-dimensional virtual reality, and private custom AV actress a "interactive." Until then, it may be because today's passive and boring two-dimensional picture… Read More »

Virtual helmet game Subnautica

"Subnautica" is a support Oculus Rift VR mode adventure game. In the beginning of the game you are traveling on spaceship crashed alien planet's uncharted waters, to survive you have to dive under the water to find survival supplies available. From shallow reefs full of sunlight can penetrate to the bleak deep-sea trenches, you will encounter a… Read More »

3Glasses exclusive release of eight virtual helmet game

3Glasses D2 version released today declared a breakthrough virtual reality is shorter board 3Glasses released eight exclusive games, and this game eight virtual helmet maker stage presentation June 30, 3Glasses released the world's first mass-produced 2K Helmet "3Glasses D2 pioneer version," and launched eight exclusive VR gaming content. "3Glasses D2 pioneer version" of the resolution… Read More »

China virtual reality VR glasses 3Glasses D2 product Blazers Edition $ 354

June 30, the Shenzhen Virtual reality technology is introduced Asia's first immersive virtual reality helmet 3Glasses in Beijing held a new conference. At the meeting, 3Glasses launched eight exclusive VR 100 exclusive game content and tourist attractions VR content, and officially launched the world's most cutting-edge VR technology with the "3Glasses D2 pioneer Edition" and… Read More »

Zspace real world of virtual reality using AMD W5170M graphics core

  AMD announced the AMD FirePro W5170M zSpace use graphics core, creating a new "zSpace for Education" virtual reality education solutions that provide realistic virtual reality functional experience across the classroom. Unlike other virtual reality solutions, the AMD FirePro professional graphics core to create the "zSpace for Education", available through exclusive, with high precision of… Read More »

The world’s first Virtual reality glasses retina Avegant Glyph

Days after the digital domain backdoor listing of the new century and renamed the contact interaction, start frequently force intelligent hardware products. June 30, interactive contact to join a subsidiary of US Avegant in Beijing released the world's first virtual reality glasses retina Glyph. This is the company recently released the second paragraph of intelligent… Read More »